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Secondhand Parts

The Performance Shop currently have a verity of secondhand parts, these are slowly becoming rarer.
If you can't find an item or its currently not in our Ebay store,
please contact us as we strive to have most parts in stock.

 Mazda rx8 engine

Not all items are on Ebay, so contact us for details
Prices Include VAT.
All price correct at time of entry.

Body Parts

Battery Cover
Battery Surround
Body Shell


Various Colours depending on stock.

Boot Lid

Various Colours depending on stock.
Bumper Lower Full Lip (Plastic)

Bumper Front (including F/Light)

Various Colours depending on stock.

Bumper Rear

Various Colours depending on stock.
Bumper Support (Front)
Bumper Support Rear

Door Front N/S

Various Colours depending on stock.

Door Front O/S

Various Colours depending on stock.

Door Rear N/S

Various Colours depending on stock.

Door Rear O/S

Various Colours depending on stock.
Engine Cover

Engine Under Tray

Wheel Arch Front Liner

Wheel Arch Top Liner

Exhaust Surround
Exhaust Surround (Chrome )
Fibre Glass Lip
Headlight Washer
Petrol Filler Flap
Window Front Door N/S
Window Front Door O/S
Window Rear Door N/S
Window Rear Door O/S
Door Mirror N/S
Door Mirror O/S

Wing N/S

Various Colours depending on stock. 

Wing O/S

Wing/Fender Streaks
Wing/Fender Streaks (PAIR)


Brake Light (Boot)
Fog Light N/S
Fog Light O/S
Headlight Front N/S
Headlight Front O/S
Indicator O/S
Indictor N/S
Rear Cluster N/S
Rear Cluster O/S
Rear Numberplate lights
Light Level sensor (Front or Rear)


Air Conditioning Pump
Air Conditioning Radiaror
Air Filter Box
Anti-locking System
Bonnet Stand
Brake Callipers
Brake Master Cylinder/Servo
Coil Leads (set)
Coilover (Front)
Coilover (Rear)
Coolant Expansion Tank
Crank Sensor
Disc (Front or Rear Brake)
ECU Main Unit (192: N3H8) (231: N3J1)
ECU Power Steering
Engine Coil
Engine Cooling Fans
Engine Mounts
Exhaust Back Box
Exhaust System Cat
Fuse Box
Hand Brake Cable
Injectors (Yellow) (x4 £100)
Lower WishBone
Oil Cooler Pipes (Single)
Oil Cooler Pipes (Set)
Oil Coolers
Oil Sump

Petrol Pump Assembly (Nearside)

Both Side Assemblies

Petrol Fuel Tank (no pump)(£50 removal)
Plugs (each) £50 set
Prop Shaft
Rear Hub (excluding Drive Shaft)
Rear Spring Only
Ride Height Sensors Front
Ride Height Sensors Rear
Screen Wash Bottle
Secondary air pump
Steering Rack
Throttle Body
Window Wiper Motor


Seats "Fabric" Set
Seats "Leather" Set       (includes Door Cards)
Seat Front "Fabric"
Seat Front "Leather" OS Driver
Seat Front "Leather" NS Passengers
Seat Rear "Leather"
Seat Rear "Fabric"
Badge Boot
Boot Lid Seal
Centre Console Light
Centre Dash Cover
Centre Air Vents
Centre Console
Digital display Panel
Door Card Front NS
Door Card Front OS
Door Card Rear NS
Door Card Rear OS
Door Lock Mechanism
Engine Undertray
Floor Mats
Badge Front
Front Door Speaker
Gear Stick Gator
Gear Stick Knob
Indicator/Headlight Stalk
Radio Face
Rear Door Speaker
Rear Speaker Covers
Rubber Door Seal (front)
Rubber Door Seal (Rear)
Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel Airbag
Steering Wheel No Airbag
Sun Visor
Window Switch Front NS
Window Switch Front OS
Window Wiper Stalk
Wing Side Vents
Wing Vent With Streaks
Mirror Rear View


RX8 Std Rim

RX8 Std. Rim Refurbished Powder Coated

RX8 Std Tyre (part worn)
RX8 Std Rim and Tyre

Window Glass

RX8 Front Door Window/Glass