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Mazda RX-8 Racing Beat ; Silenced De-Cat Pipe to fit Any Model from 04-2011 including R3 and Import models

Racing Beat

  • £52500 (inc. VAT)

Mazda RX-8 Racing Beat ; Silenced De-Cat Pipe to fit Any Model from 04-2011 including R3 and Import models

By now its well known that a non-resonated catalytic converter pipe on the RX-8 can produce a overwhelmingly loud exhaust, but if you require a modest, quieter exhaust tone, then the Racing Beat resonated pipe is your answer. Designed to provide the ultimate combination of performance and sound, this pipe is sure to be a hit with RX-8 owners.

Racing Beat offers a full 304-stainless steel catalytic converter replacement pipe with dual resonators for RX-8 racing applications. Fitted with two (2) specially designed resonator units specifically for the RX-8 chassis. Both our resonated and non-resonated pipe versions are a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock catalytic converter section. Our replacement pipes utilise a genuine OEM rear mounting flange for a secure fit to the stock (or an aftermarket) exhaust system. Each replacement pipe is equipped with a sensor fitting for the oxygen sensor.

(Note: With some cars fitting this part may cause the “check engine” light to be illuminated, but performance and all other engine systems will not be affected .)


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Whilst this is a perfectly safe modification to normal aspirated RX-8's, If your engine has a Turbocharger or a Supercharger fitted, fitting this de-cat pipe will make the exhaust gasses escape more freely and could increase the boost level causing the engine to detonate without the ECU being remapped.  

**PLEASE NOTE for legal reasons this product is sold for off road use.**

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