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MAZDA RX-8 "Sohn Adapter"


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MAZDA RX-8 "Sohn Adapter"

Sohn oil metering pump adapter and complete installation kit.

RX-8 Renesis engines inject Oil into the Rotary housings for lubrication. In standard RX-8's, oil is drawn directly from the engine oil sump and injected into the engine by means of a small Oil Metering pump powered by the engine. The downside of this stock approach is that dirty used engine oil is being injected into the combustion chamber, increasing the likelihood of carbon buildup and component failure. Right Hand Drive unless otherwise specified. 

What this kit does is to replace the feed from the sump with a separate reservoir feeding New 2 Stroke Oil directly

  • Replaces stock windshield wiper fluid container.

Two new containers

  • The first is the oil reservoir which includes an integral ¼” fitting and an industrial-quality vented cap.
  • The second is for windshield wiper fluid.  Both are constructed of clear HDPE; extremely rugged yet clear to allow easy monitoring of fluid levels.  


  • Oil Metering Pump Adapter (RX-8 Series 1 model)
  • Laser Cut 6061 Aluminum mounting plate with “Evil M” logo 
  • 1.42 L HDPE Wiper fluid container with pre-cut mounting holes for the primary and secondary washer fluid pumps  
  • 0.71 L HDPE oil reservoir including integrated fitting and vented cap
  • 1m of Oil transport tubing (sufficient to extend around engine block from port (left) side of engine compartment)
  • All required mounting hardware


The OEM and or The Performance Shop are not liable for any damage breakage done to your Mazda RX-8 and/or Renesis engine due to incorrect installation of a metering pump adapter or supporting kit.  Installation is done by you at your own risk.

The OEM and or The Performance Shop are not liable for damage done due to a failure to check and maintain proper fluid levels.  Checking oil reservoir and windshield wiper fluid levels is your responsibility.

Use of “Evil M” logo is decorative only and does not imply endorsement of this product by Mazda.


but available to order. Delivery 2-3 weeks. Please call for further details.

lc rotary sales-sohn adapter       LC Rotary - Sohn adapter
  • Fully compatible with existing Oil Metering Pump.
  • Fits all models 2004-2008 (192) or (231)



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