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Racing Beat Mazda RX-8 2004-11 (incl. R3) Uprated Exhaust Manifold

Racing Beat

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RX-8 2004-11 (incl. R3) Uprated Exhaust Manifold

The Racing Beat RX-8 manifold is constructed using 100% stainless steel for superior quality, performance and appearance.
Cast stainless-steel mounting flange has been designed to allow the smooth transition of the exhaust gas flow from the engine to the primary tubing. Incorporated into the flange design are critical emission control air passages that were included on the OEM flange design.
These small passages allow air to be pumped into the exhaust ports to aid in more efficient catalytic converter function. 
The Racing Beat manifold does not remove any catalytic converters, and is equipped with an oxygen sensor fitting and retains all emissions control functionality.
The Racing Beat Manifold utilizes 1.75” OD, 14 gauge (.083"), mandrel-bent, 304 stainless steel tubing and features an exclusive Racing Beat engine-to-header flange. All required mounting hardware, an outlet gasket, and instructions are included.
As developed and tested on Racing Beats engine dyno, the Racing Beat header produced a peak horsepower improvement of over 4 HP.

We are often asked about "heat wrapping" a header as a method to reduce heat in the engine bay. We do not recommend wrapping the header. Even though RX8 exhaust temperatures are not as high as other rotary applications, wrapping a stainless steel header will accelerate fatigue in the metal. A better answer is to use heat shields that do not reduce airflow around the header.
Please note
A engine-to-manifold gasket is NOT supplied with the kit, but the stock unit can be re-used unless it shows signs or damage, leakage, or extended wear.

Air Injection Blanking Plate required if air injection is removed/eliminated.



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