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Mazda Rx8 "Summit" Chassis Stiffening Bars


  • £24900 (inc. VAT)

"Summit" Chassis Stiffening Bars

Summit Strut & Body Braces allows the user to make significant improvements in vehicle stability and handling.

Reduced Body roll and improved road holding, whether on track or fast road, these products provide a much improved driving experience.

Not only, do they look great, they can also transform the ride & feel by hugely reducing chassis flex. 

  • Front Strut Brace(s)       – Reduces flex in the strut/Coilover supports
  • Front Inner Wing Brace – Increases inner wing stiffness (Not shown)
  • Under body Brace          – Reduces twist/flex in the front under body
  • Rear Strut Brace            – Greatly reduces flex in the rear suspension towers
  • Differential Brace          – Reduces movement/flex of the rear differential                                                            under heavy driving

As we use these on our own Track/Road car, we can highly recommend the greatly enhanced feel they provide.


1. Front Upper Strut Brace Type-W.  All MAZDA RX8 2003/11


theperformanceshop, summit, rx8

2. Front Upper 6-Point Strut Brace.  MAZDA RX8 2003/11

M-SE-029 Type W and Type B

theperformanceshop, summit, rx8

3. Front Upper 6-Point Strut Brace.  MAZDA RX8 2003/11

Special Addition

theperformanceshop, summit, rx8

4. Front Lower 8-Point Subframe and Body Chassis Brace. MAZDA RX8

theperformanceshop, summit, rx8 



5. Rear Upper Strut Brace.  All MAZDA RX8 2003/11

 theperformanceshop, summit, rx8

6. Rear Lower Upper 2-Point Subframe Tie Bar ( Short ) 2003/11

theperformanceshop, summit, rx8

7. Rear Lower Under 2-Point Subframe Tie Bar ( Long ). 2003/11

theperformanceshop, summit, rx8

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