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Engine Only Warranty

12 Month Warranty

Before installation please make sure your oil metering lines and oil injectors are cleaned and not blocked.
Warranty terms require new or nearly new Genuine OEM Mazda Ignition coils to be fitted.

Coolant recommendations:  Mazda FL22 as this will ensure no corrosion takes place within your new Engine long term.

Engine Oil requirements: 10-30 or 10-40 mineral or semi synthetic.

Oil to be changed between 500-1000 miles

To run the engine in, the engine revs need to be kept at 4500 rpm for 400 miles / 650Km rising to 6500 rpm till 800 miles / 1280 Km before full rpm is employed.

Please note as with any Mazda Rotary engine full engine compression may not be achieved until 3000 miles / 4800Km has bee completed.

In the unlikely event of an issue:

Any Engine warranty claim from the supply of an engine will require the engine to be returned for inspection at the customers cost. If no fault is found, or a fault is found to have caused by installation or an issue with the vehicle, the customer will also pay for the repair and re-delivery of the engine. **Please note the fitment of a turbo charger or super charger invalidates the engines warranty** **Please note that if the customer or another company that takes apart an engine we have supplied the warranty is voided immediately.