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Goopy High Performance RX8 Apex Seal set

Goopy High Performance RX8 Apex Seal set

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  • £43660 (inc. VAT)

Goopy Apex Seals 2mm LC Rotary Sales

Direct replacement Apex seal for the RX-8 at a price less than the stock Mazda Apex seal.

This makes these High Performance Apex seals not only ideal for any Turbo or Supercharged RX-8 but also ANY standard or tuned normally aspirated Renesis engine.

  • Recommend .0015" of clearance between the apex seal and the rotor slot for all applications, boosted or naturally aspirated.
  • Renowned for their reliability by withstanding up to 50psi in Drag Racing.
  • 2 mm apex seals are .075" thick and you should be able to slide a .0015" feeler gauge into the rotor apex slot with a new apex seal in place.

Goopy Apex Seal 2mm LC Rotary Sales
Sold as a set of 6 these are a direct replacement Apex seal to fit, RX-8 192-231-Auto and R3 engines

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