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Mini Map

Posted by Kim Sherwood on

Mini Map LC Rotary

LC RotaryMini Map.

Basically we’re talking about modifying some programmable setting in the cars ECU (Brain). Primarily this is done on cars with superior aftermarket Coil Packs. The most significant part of the “Mini Map” is the modification of the Dwell Timing, maximising the available energy and efficiency from the ignition Coil Packs.

Other Setting changes are:

  1. Radiator Cooling Fan On/Off Temperature (Both High & Low speed Fan's).
  2. Cold Start rev limiter.
  3. Oil Metering Pump delivery volume increased.
  4. Maximum RPM increased (Customer approval Only)

LC Rotary use Coils supplied by Rotary Revs and these come in two options.

  1. D585
  2. D585-R
The primary difference between the two is that the “R” provides a significantly faster charge time and a higher charge. Simply put, the “R” provides a faster, longer and higher discharge. Meaning you get a more aggressive ignition pulse at the right time, hence burning the fuel more effectively and developing more power. This is the same for both types, but the “R” is the high grade. Both types produce a stronger more aggressive ignition pulse than standard OEM coils.
The key benefits are, you get more responsive power when you want it and because your burning the fuel more efficiency, driven with fuel economy in mind you get greater mpg.
Standard Coils are service parts and are predicted to need replacing after 20-25k miles, their one downside is that they degrade over time; the ignition energy pulse effectively decreases in strength. This can lead to starting issues, poor performance, more emissions, potentially degrading the catalytic converter and worse case total failure. Depending on the supplier D585 & D585-R come with a lifetime guarantee, (LC Rotary supply a lifetime guarantee) and therefore should never need replacing.


Due to heat, Standard Coils start to degrade, this over heating can be recognised by a white milky spot appearing on the base of the coil.


D585’s are fitted with a heat sink to dissipate the heat build up more effectively and by doing this eliminates the destructive overheating.

LC Rotary Ignition Coils D585







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  • It was nice to meet you guys this morning and thank you for the lift from Orpington station . Thank you for doing the car so quickly and getting it back on the road once again. Brilliant job.

    Nikki and Paige on
  • Highly recommend the mini-map – the D585 coils are a massive improvement over the Mazda OEM items, combined with the Dwell Timing it feels like a totally different car! Haven’t stopped smiling since

    Chris Kirkham on

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