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Hi-Flo Radiator Proves a Big Hit.

Posted by Kim Sherwood on

Hi-Flo Radiator Proves a Big Hit.

We installed an aftermarket High Flow Radiator to one of our customer’s cars and the improvements were impressive.


The customers PZ is currently fitted with quite a few performance upgrades, the key one being a Greddy bottom mount Turbo.

The addition of the Turbo increased the engine/engine bay temperature quite a bit; hence we used Evans “Power Cool 180” waterless coolant to drop the temp.

The addition of the coolant drops the temp by an average of 5 deg’s. The car’s been running Evans for more than a year, however due to the improvements achieved on our Track Car by adding a Hi-Flo Rad and custom cowling, we recommended the same for our customer.

Initial results are impressive:

  • More Stable Water and Oil Temp
  • Water temp drop by typically 10 deg’s
  • Oil temp drop by typically 10 deg’s

We’re going to monitor this for a couple of weeks to be sure of the on-going temperatures in traffic and on the move.

“We would recommend fitting a Hi-Flo Rad to standard RX8’s”


Installation Overview

  • Koyo Hi-Flow Radiator

  • Custom Fabricated Cowling (LC Rotary)
  • Evens “Power Cool 180”Waterless Coolant

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