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NOS Installation Puts a Smile on the Customers Face

Posted by Kim Sherwood on

NOS Installation puts a Smile on the Customers Face

Initial Dyno tests without fine-tuning on a 40hp nitrous Metering Jet:

  • 26HP Peak @flywheel
  • 32FtLb Torque @flywheel


  • l

With fine tuning, control of the Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) and increasing the Metering Jet (can go up to 125hp), we would expect to almost double this figure.

"Expectations Met"

Our customer wanted more power for Track Days. He knows he can keep up with most cars on cornering and short straights, but the big boys had the extra power on long straights. He didn't want to go to the expense of a Turbo conversion so decided to have fun and try Nitrous Oxide (NOS).

The challenge was to get extra Torque and BHP from NOS at the critical points, without using it all the time. An 11lb bottle of NOS with 100hp jet will only give 4 minutes of exhilarating fun! therefore we needed to optimise its usage. We decide that we couldn't go with a simple Throttle Pedal on/off switch, what was needed was a more complex Nitrous Controller. Having shopped around we decided on "Wizard of Nos", basically they had the right product and knowledge.

We decided to install the "Max Extreme X1 Nitrous Controller" and locate it where the SAT-NAV lived, not a simple task, but very convenient. A few PCB's/Relays and wiring and we had a Controller installed, flipping up and down.

Installation Overview

  • NOS Bottle in the Boot
  • Bottle Heater (Control Switch on Dash)
  • Cable/Pipes routed from Boot to Engine Bay and Dash
  • NOS/Fuel Controllers/Solenoid’s mounted in Engine Bay
  • Fuel line “T” piped to Controllers/Solenoid’s and Induction
  • NOS Controllers/Solenoid’s piped to Induction (post MAF)
  • Controllers/Solenoid’s wired to X1 Controller on Dash
  • Independent RPM pick up wired to X1 Controller on Dash
  • Full Wiring of the X1 Controller
  • Installation/Wiring of X1 Controller in SAT-NAV location
  • Program X1 Controller
  • Etc



  • NOS remains liquid at ambient temperature in the supply pipe and vapours in the air intake at minus160 degree centigrade, helping to cool the engine intake/engine
  • NO2 contains one third oxygen by volume, compared to 23% oxygen in air, which is why it offers increased power
  • NO2 (or NOS as its know) is completely inert and does not explode. It only 'drops' the oxygen molecule and makes it available for explosion when it enters the combustion chamber at over 600 degrees centigrade when the Nitrogen and Oxygen molecules are forced apart


David Harper says, "Having already fitted lowering springs, D585 coils, yellow stuff brakes, and high temp brake fluid, I asked LC Rotary (LCR) 'what's next'? All most jokingly, they suggested NOS. Having just watched 2F2F Tokyo Drift for the nth time, I couldn't help but get excited. Although this was also new for LCR, their step by step approach has ensured the car continues to run smoothly and reliably. I have no hesitation in recommending LCR as the de-facto NOS-in-Rotaries specialist. Forget 'freeing up the air flow' to gain a few HP! NOS just bangs in the power instantly. And its not a small amount- its in spades. No further mods required. As you floor it passing the apex on track days, you can actually feel the increased torque. So if think you can already point the car in the right direction, NOS is for you!"

NOS Nitrous Oxide Injection    NOS Nitrous Oxide Controller Max Extreme X1

The extra large NOS bottle fits well in the Boot space, although you might want to consider another car for the airport run!

NOS Nitrous Oxide Bottle

And under the Bonnet you have the Nitrous and Fuel Injectors positioned to optimise space and the pipe runs. Injection is done pre the Throttle body and post the MAF sensor.

NOS Nitrous Oxide Injection installation 

More work to be done...........Watch this space.

We would like to thank these guys for their help and support:
Wizard of NOS:



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